Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hmm, let's see how this goes again...

 I haven't been in here for a long while and a lot has happened. A couple of surgeries, Stopped being active at all physically, but I did publish a (hopefully) first book. And so I thought maybe I should check it out again. Quick on, just to see how it looks,

Sunday, March 04, 2018

It's Been a While

I have been spending a lot of time expressing my opinions in short bursts on Facebook, so I haven't been in here for a while. In fact, it took me a while to remember HOW to post here. This particular item, however, could not really be done justice in just a sentence or two. I have posted it, but I believe many will just roll their eyes and move on. We shall see. Meanwhile, I need to get in here more often and I have promised it in the past. Let's see about that as well. So, this has to do with the tragedy in Parkland Florida and how one parent is being used as a tool for the NRA. IMHO, of course, as usual...

The link above points to the interview Andrew Pollack gave on Face the Nation this morning. The image is something that has made the rounds on the internet. If you care to watch the interview in full, you will have to click on the link to view it. I would like to summarize it myself, if you would indulge me. Sorry, but this may take a while.

OK, first off, I would like everybody to know that I am deeply sorry for his loss. Nobody should have to bury their children, especially under these terrible circumstances.

Having said that, however, I maintain that he is milking this and, were I conspiratorial like Alex Jones and his ilk, perhaps he is a "plant", perhaps unknowingly. He was ready to have his picture taken and appears to have made a conscious decision to show his continued support for Trump. Initially I thought this was a bit "out there". But then I listened to his interview.

The VERY FIRST thing he did was to advertise a website devoted to his daughter, I went there, expecting to maybe see a place where I could offer my condolences. Instead, I see a place to donate for a playground in his daughter's honor. Not what I was expecting, but let's continue with his interview.

He said that only AFTER EVERY school in America is safe can we discuss gun control and, in his words. "...gun laws right now are not achievable...". But apparently he thinks it IS achievable to make every single school safe. A little delusional at best, if I give him the benefit of the doubt, but it kinda rings like the NRA has gotten their claws into him, IMHO.

I could go on because he made me have to roll my eyes back more than a few times. So, I suggest that, if you have 6 more minutes to spare (sorry if I have taken up more than that myself...), you listen to his interview with an open mind. To Mr. Pollack I reiterate, I am deeply sorry for your loss. But if you intend to follow through on what it says on your t-shirt, then it appears you have learned little from this tragedy. #my2cents

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It is Already Working.

I recently got the above issue of Esquire with Donald Trump on the cover in the mail. The article inside is pretty spot on regarding what he is doing to the gullible people in this country and I have a personal experience to show it.
It is not a secret that this is a political year and I have recently been bombarded (carpet bombed???) on Facebook by all kinds of images either promoting the crazies in the GOP circus or disparaging the Democrats. I am writing this on the day after the GOP debate in South Carolina and the thing that I can’t understand is how the bully Trump, who was soundly booed for his behavior, is still leading in the polls there. Incredible.

Now I am all for adult debate on the issues but it seems there are people on the right who either send out ridiculous images or outright lies and present them as if they are uncontroverted facts. I recently saw one where there was an image of Hillary side by side with an image of a brown paper bag. The text attached said something along the lines of “Hillary…A Bag of Shit… Can You Tell the Difference?” How does one debate that? There are other times that falsehoods or misrepresentations are presented as fact and at least in that case you should be able to present your side of the story. However, in the current atmosphere where the flames of hatred are being fired up by the likes of Trump, Cruz, Rubio, et al, you need to watch out. I recently tried to, what I thought was merely provide the opposite opinion of things I thought were presented unfairly and I went to the trouble of researching and providing links to articles where I felt these things were being disproved. You would not believe the firestorm I provoked, however. I was called some pretty nasty things, summarily un-friended and then, when I tried to again do the adult thing and explain that what I was doing was debating the issues, I was then called insulting and profane names and accused of harassment.
This is the environment that is being provoked by this hateful man and, apparently he doesn’t even need to be elected, he is already having the effect he wants and it is all really to satisfy the egomaniacal, narcissistic carnival barker he is. IMHO, of course…

I'm Back!!!

Yes, it seems every time around election time I feel motivated to post something in here. I have a personal issue I am working on and hope to put it in here soon. I just wanted to check how image insertion looks so I will add a picture. It will probably show where I am going (or more accurately will be going).Talk to you soon.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Latest - 2012 Edition

As usual, the posts in here are few and far between. Sorry about that.

We have just finished the 2012 election and, thank goodness, the GOP was not able to dupe the electorate.

I have a page I have been adding "stuff" to, 2012 Election - I'm Just Sayin'

Hopefully it won't be as long before I return...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It has been quite some time since I have visited here and a lot has happened. We are now starting up with the campaigning for the 2012 election and the Republicans are in "full attack" mode. Of course, they don't have an iota of a plan to govern this country, all they do is criticize Obama and lie about his accomplishments. I can go into this in much greater detail in the future but today I have something else to "discuss".

It was a while ago that I saw Mr. Ralph Nadir (misspelling deliberate; those of you with a good vocabulary will get my meaning...) talking about wanting other Democrats to campaign against Obama. Yeah, Ralph, that worked real well in 1980 with Kennedy and Carter, didn't it? This narcissistic egomaniac was, in my opinion, responsible for Al Gore losing Florida in 2000 and, as a result, our having to experience 8 years of Cheney and Bush (the order of them, again, deliberate...). Ralphie boy, you are already on minute 16. Go away...

And now, I hear other people like Bernie ("Colonel") Sanders of Vermont chiming in on this. Let the Republicans self-destruct, please. Don't help them.

More later...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm With Hillary...

Recently there was some commotion over Hillary Clinton's comments concerning the 2000 election. Well, FWIW, I agree completely.

I just happened to be in Jacksonville, Florida on business on election night 2000 and I was watching the results play out on TV. I agreed with Tim Russert that the state I was in at the time was crucial and, even though I couldn't vote (being a resident of California, which I was pretty sure was safe for the Democrats), I was rooting for where I was to go Democratic as well. And when they projected Florida going to Gore, I was whooping and hollering and planning how to celebrate with my friends when I returned home.

And then, to my dismay, I see the newscasters taking back their projection. I, of course, knew that Jeb was the governor of Florida and I thought to myself at the time, "Boy, I bet the phone lines are burning right about now between either Crawford, Texas (where I assumed W was) or Kennebunkport, Maine (where I assumed daddy was) and the Governor's residence in Florida. Probably both, actually...". At that point, I came to the realization that there was no way the Bushes were going to let Gore take the state their son ran. And we paid for it for the next 8 years.

Now, this may be a bit provocative, but I wonder... if Florida was not "stolen" in 2000, there might be around 3000 plus people still alive (including someone I knew) and a couple of buildings that I still miss (having grown up in NY and having seen them being built) might still be standing.

Hillary, you go girl!